Everyone’s welcome

At Tesco Bank, it’s the values we all share that bring us together. But we know that all the things that make each of us unique – from sex and sexuality, to race and religion – also make us stronger. As an employer, as a business and as a team.

We’re here to provide the best possible service for our customers. And we know that having a diverse team is a vital part of living up to our values: “we treat people how they like to be treated” and “no one tries harder for our customers”. In other words – the better we reflect our customers, the better the we do our job.

We put our weight behind Diversity and Inclusion by making sure we hear – and act on – as many voices as possible. Within our business, we do that through our Inclusion Council, which brings together Director Sponsors, the Chairs of our Colleague Networks, our People Director and the Diversity and Inclusion teams from both Tesco Bank and Tesco Group, all led by our Executive Committee Sponsor. Outside our business, we work in partnership with a range of organisations focused on Diversity and Inclusion. While we support their work, they support ours – by providing the expertise on our Inclusion Advisory Panel, providing advice and information on the latest thinking, trends and challenges.

The result? A bank that’s truly inclusive and a team where everyone’s welcome.